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Linear Title Congratulates its New Parents

Linear TitleLinear Title has been experiencing a number of exciting developments in the professional realm, including new integrations that will speed up the title process for clients and further push down Linear Title’s turn times. But Linear Title has also had a lot to celebrate in terms of its team’s personal lives as well—many Linear Title employees have welcomed new additions to their households lately!


Linear Title congratulates all its employees who have become new parents over the course of the past year or two. Linear Title celebrates the good fortune of its management and staff and works with Linear Title employees to accommodate the increased responsibility parenthood confers.



Linear Title would like to offer hardy congratulations to the following members of its team on the new addition to their family:


  • Stephen Gardner
  • Melissa Cady
  • Stephanie Souza and Todd Costa
  • Daniel Costa
  • Randall Curtis
  • Brooke Whittaker
  • April Prenda
  • Joseph Murphy
  • Carrie Thombs


Linear Title offers title and closing services to companies across the country. To learn more about Linear Title, call today or visit the Linear Title website.

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